Monday, 29 April 2013

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Root Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 Jelly Bean and install Clockwork Recovery Mod

With the official Jelly Bean update now available for Galaxy SII, one thing that any android fan would be looking for would be 'How to Root it?'. Rooting the phone unleashes the true power it withholds, making the Android experience all the more exiting! Also, once you root your phone, one very basic thing you need is the Clockwork Recovery Mod.
The below tutorial gives the detailed steps for doing just the same.
The advantage of this method is that, as in the normal rooting, there is no yellow triangle that appears on your booting screen.

Make sure you have following things in place:
  • This guide is for Samsung Galaxy SII GT-i9100 (international version) only. I have not tried this out on any other version
  • Take a backup of whatever you contacts, messages etc. You  may not be able to take a system backup, as this requires rooted phone
  • Ensure that the phone has atleast 85% battery charge
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If you have the above things set, then you are ready for what follows...

But first thing first:
Disclaimer: The instructions provided in this guide are meant for reference purpose only. I will not be held liable if the device is damaged during the installation. Users must proceed at their own risk.

This thing hardly takes about 5-10 minutes:

Files needed:
1. it from the download box alongside)
2. Clockwork Recovery Mod

And here are the steps:
  1. Place both the files in SD card and boot the phone in recovery mode. To do this, power off your phone & then long press the Volume down + Power + Home buttons simultaneously
  2. You would now be in the stock recovery mode. Now select 'Apply Update from External Storage' and then navigate to the '' file, and select it using the Power button. Select Yes in the next step...This would now root your phone
  3. Once done, again navigate back to the home screen of the stock recovery, and select 'Apply Update from External Storage'....this time, select the Clockwork Recovery Mod file
  4. This would now replace your stock recovery by the Clockwork Recovery Mod
  5. You can now play around with the various options available in the CWM, like taking a Nandroid backup
  6. Now, reboot your phone
  7. In the list of your applications, you would now see a 'Super User' App. If you are able to see this app...congrats!!... your phone is successfully rooted!
You can now install various apps like the Titanium backup, and other such apps, to tweak the performance of your phone. Once rooted, you also have the luxury to install a number of cool custom firmwares, which would have otherwise required a rooted phone...njoy:)

Now, if you wish to unroot your phone, all you need to do is flash the official Jelly Bean Rom using Odin, and there would be no traces, to prove that your phone was ever rooted!!

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  1. Do u have any file for unrooting SII I 910 for XWLAT FIRmware

  2. Plz bro help me very soon. I hav rooted my phone yesterday eith jeboo kernel. Now i m facing my some problems. And I want to untrrot my phone back. . Plz help me..

    1. For unrooting your Galaxy S2, all you need to do is flash the stock firmware using Odin

  3. Hi Ajinkya,
    I have rooted my S2 International version
    After rooting it shows the yellow triangle
    I then installed clockwork recovery mod using odin.
    Now it shows e: cant mount /cache/revovery/command
    cant mount cache recovery log
    cant mount cache last log
    cant mount sd card

    Can you pls help?
    What are the clear steps that I should follow to get my S2 workinf again?