Building projects has been the most exciting part of my engineering. Following are few of my projects, which you can avail of by contacting me:

1. Online Discussion Forum:
            This is a discussion forum, wherein you can share your ideas. You can ask all sorts of questions, create new threads and also reply to threads. This discussion forum is equipped with live discussion, Group Chat, and also provides notifications and alerts via mail. The login and posting is highly secure.
If you are interested in this discussion forum, please feel free to Contact me.

2. Web Crawler:
             Web crawler, or a spider is an application that crawls over the internet to collect the content and links from the websites. The crawler is an indispensable tool for building a search engine. This crawler is developed in C# and the data collected by the crawler is stored in MySQL. The crawler is extremely fast, and has a good user interface, thus masking the complex processes running in the background. If you are interested in this Crawler, please feel free to Contact me.

3. E-Commerce Website:
                 This is a one stop destination for all your shopping needs. This e-commerce website is well equipped with Categories, Catalogs, shopping cart, and all the basic necessities of an e-commerce website. It has an excellent user interface. If you are interested in this E-Commerce website, please feel free to Contact me.

4. Blogging Website:
                 This blogging website provides all the basic requirements of a blog. You can blog your ideas, share links, Images, and all other cool stuff with this blogging website. The login process is secure. It also provides email notifications in case of comments.If you are interested in this Blogging website, please feel free to Contact me.

5. Online MCQ Test:
                 This was one of the first website developed by me. This is an online MCQ exam, which we usually come across in any online competitive exam. This has procedures to register and securely login. It allows the administrator to enter the questions for the test. This is a time based online test, with negative marking in case of a wrong answer. At the end of the test, the test taking candidate receives his total score, with the number of questions he answered correctly, as well as those answered incorrectly. It also displays the time taken by the candidate.If you are interested in this Online MCQ test, please feel free to Contact me.

6. Hardware Fingerprint Generator:
                      Generating a hardware fingerprint is the most commonly sought technique to ensure security in case of softwares. There can be various methods of generating the hardware fingerprint, using different languages. However, the important thing to decide is, which devices to consider while generating the fingerprint.
For licensing purposes, the best and secure way is to generate a unique key for the client's machine and provide a corresponding license key for that key. The key can be generated using the unique id of the client's computer motherboard, BIOS and processor. When you get these IDs, you can generate any key of your preferable format.  If you are interested in this Hardware Fingerprint Generator, please feel free to Contact me.

7. C++ Games:
                        During the course of my engineering years, I have developed a number of games in C++, which includes screensavers, and a classical game of a Maze, where the user has to reach the destination by crossing the maze, collecting points that come his way. But there is a catch...the user has to obtain the key to the exit door, in order to get out of the maze!! If you are interested in these C++ games or sreensavers, please feel free to Contact me.


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