Friday, 29 April 2011

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Lexical Analyzer

Download the program for Lexical Analyzer from the download box alongside
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OOSE Practicals

Question Bank for OOSE Practical Exam
1.      Airline Reservation System
2.      Railway Reservation System
3.      Nokia Gallery
4.      Banking System
5.      Big Bazaar
6.      Bus Reservation System
7.      Movie Ticket Reservation
8.      Hospital Management System
9.      Star Plus Serial Schedule Management System
10.  SUC Event Management
11.  Hotel Management
12.  IPL Matches
Following diagrams will be asked based on above systems…
1.  Class Diagram
2.  Sequence Diagram
3.  Collaboration Diagram
4.  State Transition Diagram
5.  Activity Diagram
6.  Use Case Diagram

Only System name would be given…
Example: Class diagram for Hospital Management System.
Note: Students first have to write the problem statement.. Then draw d diagram on answer sheet nd then perform pracs..

Thursday, 28 April 2011

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Android Seminar
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Assemblers (Pass1)

Programs for Pass1 assembler:
1. Pass 1(a):

2. Pass 1(b):

3. Pass 1(c):

NOTE:While entering the code use '|' as space & ';' for next line.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

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Seminar Report

Android Operating System

Thursday, 14 April 2011

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ACN Practical exam list

ACN Practical Exam 2011

1.  Install Web Server
Site Name:
Contents of the site:

2. Implement Virtual Hosting (name based)
IP Address:
Site Name:
Contents of the Site:

3.  Implement Virtual Hosting (IP based)
IP Address:
Site Name:
Contents of the Site:

4. Analysis of packet captured (UDP)
Mention the port numbers of the captured packets

5. Analysis of packet captured (TCP)
Mention the flag status of the captured packets
6. Analysis of packet captured (ARP)
Mention the IP address of the source and destination hosts

7. Analysis of packet captured (IP)
Mention the IP address of the source and destination hosts

8. Implement Sliding Window Protocol (Go-Back-N)

9. Implement Sliding Window Protocol (Selective Repeat)

10.  Implement Group Chat Server (2 Clients)

11. Implement Group Chat Server (3 Clients)

12. Implement  multicast routing protocol DVMRP with following topology and groups

          Node ____ is the source.
          CBR traffic starts at ______ time.
          Node ____ joins the group at _______ time.
          Node ____ joins the group at _______ time.
          Node ____ leaves the group at _______ time.

Friday, 8 April 2011

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Superscaler Program

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Data & Web Mining

DWM Programs in java
Download the Data & Web Mining programs from the download box alongside.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

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Arithmetic Pipelining for multiplicaion

This the final prog for arithmetic pipelining. It works upto 8bit X 8bit multiplication. There were some minor changes in the datatypes of some variables as compared to the previous prog. 

Saturday, 2 April 2011

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K-Mean & Nearest Neighbour Programs

Kmean & Nearest Neighbour Prog in java

1. Kmean:

2. Nearest Neighbour:

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ANDROID report
Download the report from the download box alongside 

Points for seminar:
1) intro
2) Innovative features
3) open source

4) arch

5) comparison
6) system mgmt
7) life cycles
8) security
9) advantages

10) future pros