Sunday, 1 May 2011

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Advanced MicroProcessor Reservation Table

Reservation table

1.         Collision vector=(100)
  Simple cycles: (2),(4),(1,4),(1,1,4),(2,4)etc
  Greedy cycle: (1,4,2,4),(1,1,4,2,4)etc 
  Max throughput=0.5
2.       . Collision vector=(10)
  Simple cycles: (3),(1,3)
  Greedy cycle: (1,3,3),(3,1,3)
  Max throughput=0.5
3.         Collision vector=(110)
  Simple cycles: (4),(1,4)
  Greedy cycle: (1,4,4),(4,1,4)
  Max throughput=0.4
4.         Collision vector=(11)
  Simple cycles: (3)
  Greedy cycle: ---
  Max throughput=0.33
 Note: The above answers were found to be correct by me. However I don't take the responsibility of this being fail-proof!!  

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